Mike Null is a "salt ‘n pepper tumbleweed tall drink of water" that blew in to Hong Kong from the US by way of Shanghai and Beijing. A choir boy turned blues man and kung fu padawan, Mike brings an authentic musicality and depth of experience to the music scenes of Asia.

For over three decades Mike has performed with an dizzying array of international talent in clubs, churches, hotels, on theater stages, in theater pits, concert halls and arenas around the world.  

Since planting roots in Hong Kong, Mike has enjoyed working with various function bands and performing at Hong Kong’s premier live music venues and hotels.



“Mike Null is my favorite guitar player!” 
– Toni Lynn Washington, Boston's queen of the Blues

“Mike Null is one of the best guitarists I have ever heard, famous or not, label or not, touring or not… Everyone plays guitar (or thinks they do). Guitar is the backbone of rock and roll, blues, and really America itself – and Mike Null owns that shit.” 
–Jeff Ginsburg, NYC based singer-songwriter 

“…it’s the feel that they have for the music that is so easy to get on board with.  Mike Null and his band play the blues with feel.  Like it’s what they’re about.  It’s a little bit dirty too.  Enough to make you think you probably wouldn’t want to be in the same room as your parents while you watch them play.” 
– Iris Jumbe of 

“I’m a professional guitar player, but working beside Mike Null both in the studio and live I was again reminded that there are some feels and styles that other guitar players have a much better handle on than I do. Mike has great ears and is a really quick study too. I have the highest regard for him as a player and in general as a musical force.” 
– Robert Holmes, of the Velveteen Playboys and ‘Til Tuesday 

“Mike played six nights a week and gave a great show every single night. He is a very talented guitarist with various repertoires that made such a long-term engagement successful. His energetic inspiring performance attracted people of different backgrounds, and we are still receiving positive feedback from our customers. Not only is Mike a multi-talented musician and performer, but also a professional and dedicated band leader. His organizational and management skills allowed us to have a very successful cooperation. He put together two different bands, both very professional and popular among the club’s clientele. The Soulcasters show was so successful, that we decided to extend the contract for three more months. It was a pleasure to work with Mike and we hope to have further engagements with him.” 
– Mila Dorosh, The House of Blues and Jazz, Shanghai 

“Mike Null is a consummate musician, both as a player and a listener. Mike brings amazing energy to the stage and studio. His command of the guitar is entirely singular, owing to his vast musical vocabulary and articulation. And don’t let the “blues guitarist” label fool you; I lived and played with Mike in China for many months, and was continually surprised by his endless bag of tricks.” 
– Steve Belleville, 

“..and what’s especially engaging about Mike’s musicality is his creative utilization of his formative musical education. He’s successfully allowed his experience as a world-toured choir vocalist to inform  his musical identity as a guitarist. Seldom do those who identify as a “blues guitarist” garner the knowledge of formally trained classical musicians, but that is precisely Mike. and in the five hundred + hours of performance time I’ve clocked with him, I’ve witnessed his keen degrees of awareness as a soloist and as a supportive contributor to the rhythm section. AND I’m pleased to have performed on Mike’s recorded debut as a pianist and keyboardist. Such a demonstration of versatility is indicative of his seemingly limitless capacity as a creative asset to any ensemble of which he’s a part.” 
– G. Maxwell Zemanovic, percussionist, human. 

“Guitarist Mike Null is the perfect counterpoint. A blues man by trade, Mike’s intricate and tasteful licks weave effortlessly through the Velveteen Playboys musical landscape. This laid back Californian oozes with talent and taste and provides the essential seasoning that gives each song its own flavor, signature and space. Whether he is laying out a line, snapping out a rhythm or cranking out a solo, Mike is a craftsman with his instrument whose name should be mentioned along with the great, young guitarists of this generation. He gives the rock a roll and the walk a stroll with a deft dexterity of heart and soul. Mike Null is a shining guitar star in the Velveteen Playboy universe whose skills are ready to explode to the level of supernova.” 
– Paul Souza, frontman and bandleader for Boston based rockers, The Velveteen Playboys. 

“Mike Null has impeccable taste when it comes to arranging and producing a show. He knows how to read a room and keep the crowd hooked. As a guitarist his artistic choices are distinctive, soulful, and genuine. He cares about the music and plays with conviction and intention. As a band leader, Mike inspires by example. He is a professional who delivers the highest level of commitment and performance and sparks the people he works with to strive toward their highest selves. It is truly an honor to share any stage with him.” 
– Heather Jakeman, Oregon based vocalist 

“…truly a force of nature, and an amazing leader.” 
– Sasha Masakowski, New Orleans based jazz vocalist 

“…guitarist Mike Null’s authentic tone and restraint deserve much love for getting it just right!” 
-Jed Gottlieb, Boston Herald 

“Mike is one of those wunderkinds of whom the rest of us spend our lives being painfully jealous. Far as I can tell, he plays every instrument known to humanity.” 
-Jade Sylvan, Metronome Magazine 

“The man has a great sense of rhythm and will tear your face off whenever we cut him loose with a solo! Those of you who have seen him in action will attest! 
-Justin Berthiaume, Drummer and founder of soul sensation The Chicken Slacks. 

“After having worked with Mike Null six nights a week for the past four months as well as various performances here and there since we first met in 2010… I must say… Mike Null is the truth. What I mean by that is Mike Null may very well be one of the most knowledgeable cats I have ever had the pleasure of working with. Knowledgeable about music and musicianship, knowledgeable about his craft, knowledgeable about this business. Most important of all… HE’S KNOWLEDGEABLE ABOUT MY MUSICAL CULTURE. Hats off to him and I give him all due praises and respect for that. I have often said that my people do not respect our culture and have absolutely NO respect for our rich musical heritage. Most black people wouldn’t know Johnny Taylor from Elizabeth Taylor! MIKE KNOWS…and he plays like he knows… Mike you never fail to bring it every night. You show up looking as clean as the board of health and your showmanship is always right on point… If this was boxing you would be considered what is known as a “complete” fighter…your offense is powerful and on point…your defense is tight… ring generalship is admirable… your stamina is never in question -you can go the distance… ALL DUE RESPECT.  IT’S BEEN A PLEASURE.” 
– Carlton J. Smith, international soulman 

“Mike Null’s guitar licks were reminiscent of James Brown’s great guitarist Jimmy ‘Scratch’ Nolan.” 
– Mike Boone,