Thoughts on us vs. them

The problem lies not in the arrows, stones and spears being thrown from one side of the fence to the other. The problem lies in the very IDEA.. The idea that we are divided, that we are not the same. This is what some would have us believe when they say they identify with or are in support of one group and against another… and we have believed them!

The problem is the very divisive thinking at the root of these ideas. Divisive thinking has and continues to shape our perception of reality!

These are imaginary lines drawn in the sand. They only exist in our minds! They are illusions.

Sometimes we build our identities on these divisions, making them more entrenched and more difficult to see past. It IS possible to build our identities on the similarities we share with our fellow humans, instead of the differences. And until we begin to do this, both individually and as a planet, we will continue to suffer the same plagues of mind.. black/white, democrat/republican, local/foreigner, men/women, and history will repeat itself again and again.. the same monster with a different face.

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