Hey all!

Check out this app.. it's great.. especially for beginners.  It's available on Apple, Android, and Mac or Windows Desktop.  

The most difficult stage for most aspiring guitarists is the very beginning.  The beginner student's fingers aren't yet conditioned to hours of moving on the frets and strings, it takes two hands to make a single note, and it requires all of their willpower and coordination to make that note cleanly without buzzing or squawking.  

Yousician is great because it smooths out the early stages.  It delivers bite sized interactive lessons that almost trick the student into learning the basics.  The songs are entertaining and delivered with finesse.  

The app is filled with bright colors and animations that hold the attention and put the focus on how much fun learning music can be, silencing the voices in our heads that pop up and try to tell us we can't do it.  

The focus is on incremental progress, which mirrors the actual path toward mastery.. helping to deliver the idea that a little bit each day will go a long way.  

I've been using it to practice, too!  It's helping me tighten up my reading skills and keep me on my technical toes.  

Let's link up!  My profile name is MikeNull.  You can follow, connect, or if you like, add me as your teacher.. all FREE!  See you in cyberspace.  

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